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IScape Candle Co. has team up with Least Of These, Inc.,to give back 100% of the proceeds for each  candle purchased back to the food pantry in Christian County, Missouri. Your purchase of a candle is helping to feed people in need in our community!

Least Of These presents...

A Candle with a Cause

LOTS of love: this amazing soy candle is fragranced with vanilla and will compliment any room.

Pantry Passion: this sparkling fragrance is a wonderful blend of red wine with slices of ripe peach and juicy orange. Let the crackling sound of the wooden wick, along with this luscious scent fill up your space.

Ozark Cider: this amazing scent will take you back to fall and comfort. A blend of apples, clove and warm spices will bring you comfort and joy.


Wooden Wick Soy candles with non toxic fragrances!