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Description of candle sizes and jars.


11 oz wood wick square jar: This candle will burn approximately 80-100 hours. This is the standard jar used for IScape.

This is our 3 wick cotton candle and includes a black lid. It is 14.5 oz and will burn approximately 45-60 hours....2-3 times longer then it's competitors candle. 


These farmhouse bowls are hand made and vary in sizes and shapes. The large 6 wick bowls are 20" long. The medium bowls are 3 wicks and are 10" long by approximately 5" wide for each. Burn time is 25-45 hours.


This wooden 3 wick soy candle includes a wooden lid and is 19 oz. The candle will burn 100-150 hrs. This beautiful jar is a great gift for all.

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