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IScape Candle Co.

"IS" cape Candle Company was created as a way to blend aromas with feelings and memories. These candles can bring you back to thoughts and feelings of happy times in your life. The "IS" is a way to change your thoughts and continue to try and stay in the present. No need to worry about the future, but always stay present in the moments of your life. These candles are brought to you with good intentions and we always use the best quality non toxic fragrances and wax.

These are non toxic, long lasting candles. The wood wicks are a perfect balance and blend of auditory and aroma.

The crackling sound of the wick will help you to escape.

IScape Candles have been in business for over 8 years and continue to give you a 100% guarantee on everything we make.

Shop with confidence.

What is a Memory Burn

Always remember the first burn is the most important burn. This is what is called a memory burn. Allow plenty of time for the wax to melt and touch all sides of the jar before extinguishing the candle for the first time. The candle then will burn clean and evenly for the entire life of the candle.

Tunneling of a wick can be caused from improper lighting. We recommend using a long propane lighter for lighting a wood wick. This will keep you from turning the candle on it's side. If a wax pool is created when trying to light the candle on it's side, the wick will likely extinguish.

Remove the burnt wood each time before relighting. This will allow for the wick to get enough oxygen and burn effectively.


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